We are Scienta, a London based mobile software consulting agency taking a unique approach in app architecture for businesses. We partner with teams looking to fully harness the value of the mobile native any hybrid platforms, enabling them to discover, design, and develop digital experiences with consistent and measurable results.
We have global aspirations to become a leading authority in the mobile space. Drawing from years of experience, we help our partners boost productivity, solve problems and streamline services.

Cloud Compatibility

Easily connect your product to back-end cloud services, offering a seamless user experience

Security Certified

Rest easy as you rely on tested and proven methods that protect every user with both security and privacy in mind

Precision Planning

Trust in our expertise to plan and execute projects in a way that lets you focus on the bigger picture

Seamless Social Integration
Into Your Apps

Allow us to deliver rich data sets that show how your users interact with your content and services

Custom Built View Solutions

We use sophisticated and powerful tools to build custom UI solutions to satisfy your needs. We are experts in creating, displaying and charting innovative UI design and animation.