4 Ways a Mobile App Will Boost Your Business


At Scienta, an important part of our app development process includes helping our clients discover the transformation a mobile application will have on their business. Mapping out the ‘why’, allows us to build dynamic apps that maximise the impact our clients have on their customers.

This blog post breaks down some of our top reasons why businesses should consider investing in a mobile app.

1. More Leads

Mobile apps broaden the potential to create business leads. Studies show that up to 5% of app searches are transactional searches, like ‘crop photo’ or ‘money exchange’ meaning users often search for apps based on what they do. Creating a mobile app that ranks well in its category increases visibility of your business by providing instant access to a mass number of potential clients worldwide.

2. Brand Building and Recognition

Online presence is crucial to getting seen or found by potential customers. A 2020 study showed that over 3 billion people worldwide own a mobile device. The rise in smartphone users inevitably comes with an increase in both availability and complexity of mobile apps. It also means that more people are opting for remote ways to access information, eg tablets and smartphones. An increase in accessibility and visibility ultimately leads to increased exposure and brand equity of a business.

3. Boost Customer Engagement

With the rise of conscious consumerism, customer engagement has shifted to be more focused on convenience, branding, reputation and communication. Mobile apps allow a flow of two-way communication and engagement with customers and potential customers in a way that’s not as easily achievable via web. Features such as chatbots, direct messaging and video calling make it easier for customers to interact directly with customer service representatives in real time and with ease.

4. Build Customer Loyalty

Mobile apps are a great way to facilitate the use of customer loyalty schemes such as rewards/points systems and also build a hub where customers can store their online profile, with ease of access for orders, returns and other information. Mobile apps also help subscription-based businesses create and manage user-friendly dashboards and control panels for its members

Scienta Consulting

Scienta Consulting is a mobile software consulting agency taking a unique approach in app architecture for businesses. Working on Android and IOS’s native and hybrid mobile frameworks to build and develop mobile apps that work interactively and seamlessly. Scienta are experts at creating UI design, animation and displaying social media data for users that is tailored to business needs.

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