Adapting to the new normal: Why your business needs a mobile app

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, people have been spending more time at home, utilising digital instead of physical means for work, shopping, education and even healthcare. The internet has allowed the world to stay connected and adapt to the new way of life, with mobile applications at the forefront of this, helping businesses diversify their digital presence and increase their streams of revenue

What about Web?

A recent study shows that over 51% of smartphone users discovered a new company or product while carrying out a search on their smartphones. Whilst web remains a viable medium to funnel sales and generate online traffic, by the second half of 2020 mobile devices (excluding tablets) would have generated 51.53 percent of global website traffic. Consumers are leveraging the accessibility of smart devices and replacing traditional forms of shopping, exercising, learning and working .

Connect with your Customers

Mobile apps allow brands to develop closer relationships with their customers by incorporating features such as push notifications, instant messaging, personalised promotions and other incentives for customers which drive sales and boost engagement. Content development experts claim that 75% of consumers would engage more with loyalty programs that make rewards mobile-friendly.

In short, businesses need to move towards adopting mobile applications as a valuable business tool to keep up with the current shift in consumer behaviour. All of these capabilities help engage customers, improve your brand visibility, media presence and interactivity which are all huge advantages. Evidence suggests that mobile app usage will continue to be on the rise, as a result of that businesses need to invest in mobile apps to fully digitalise and remain relevant.

How can Scienta Consulting help?

Scienta Consulting is a mobile software consulting agency taking a unique approach in app architecture for businesses. Working on Android and IOS’s native and hybrid mobile frameworks to build and develop mobile apps that work interactively and seamlessly. Scienta are experts at creating UI design, animation and displaying social media data for users that is tailored to business needs.

If you are interested in building a mobile app for your business, please contact us for a free consultation.